No Keanu 'Raves' for Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss may be one sexy girl in The Matrix: Reloaded (search) -- but co-star Keanu Reeves (search) says she's also one lazy girl.

While filming the sci-fi sequel, Carrie-Anne injured a leg two weeks into rehearsals - and was forced to spend six weeks hopping around on her one good leg.

But whenever she tried to rest her sore limb, Reeves showed not a shred of sympathy, she tells Esquire.

"He'd call me lazy," she says. "If I sat down and tried to take a break, he'd say, 'What are you doing?' It kinda drove me crazy."

And that wasn't the only thing that had Carrie-Anne climbing the walls. She says her steamy nude scene with Keanu was tough to shoot.

"I'm such a private person, and sexuality is such a private thing," Moss says.

The self-conscious starlet also says that she sobbed through an early screening of the first Matrix flick.

"I just can't stand my voice sometimes, or how my face looks," she says.