French Fried

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Let's kick the French around a little shall we?

I'm not bashing the French today just because I'm having French bashing withdrawal. No, it's because they're up to their old tricks.

Chirac (search) and de Villepain finally seemed to get it and went to the United Nations with intentions to not oppose the U.S. -- at long last. But the French defense minister is making statements over the last couple of days which indicate they really don't understand how badly Americans are taking what the French did in the U.N. a couple months ago.

Friday the French defense minister was complaining about an anti-French backlash, tisk-tisking about how it was a media campaign whipped up by people who like to throw gasoline on fires.

Mais non, Madame Defense Minister! Americans saw what you did. We saw you ambushed our secretary of State. We saw you said no to anything the Americans wanted. We heard the nasty things you said playing to the European gallery. And we don't forget, or at least we won't forget this time.

The French got a free ride for more than half a century with the Americans protecting them from the East Germans and the Soviets, not to mention that business about bailing them out in two wars.

And they have repaid this favor with what amounts to a mouth frothing anti-Americanism (search). Their entire foreign policy is designed to make France the leader of an anti-U.S. bloc in Europe and the fact that their whole Iraq policy blew up in their face hasn't changed their arrogance one bit.

Bush is freezing France out. Good. Freeze some more.

That's My Word.

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