Topics and Guests for May 7

An audiotape found in Baghdad is thought to contain a speech recorded last week by Saddam Hussein (search) calling on Iraqis to wage a "secret" war against occupying coalition forces.

Is this proof that Saddam is still alive? We’ll ask retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney, and former Moroccan Ambassador Marc Ginsberg.

Is the dollar being weakened by overseas investors with a political agenda? Glenn Stevens, managing director of Gain Capital, and Jim Rogers, president of, join the debate.

How difficult is it to challenge a wartime president? Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo handicaps the Democratic presidential candidates.

Plus, hurt by plunging sales, Playboy gets a makeover. Will a whole new look stop the signs of aging and bring big profits? We’ll ask CEO Christie Hefner (search).

And, we’ll take the market’s temperature with Frank Holmes, chairman and CEO at U.S. Global Investors; Mike Norman, publisher of the Economic Contrarian Update, and Larry Wachtel, market analyst at Prudential Financial.

That's tonight on Your World with Cavuto.

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