French Flee: Buddies, or Backstabbers?

According to published reports in the Washington Times, the French government secretly supplied fleeing Iraqi officials with passports in Syria that allowed them to escape to Europe.

An unknown number of Iraqis who worked for Saddam Hussein's government were given passports by French officials in Syria (search), U.S. intelligence officials said.

The passports are regarded as documents of the European Union, because of France's membership in the union, and have helped the Iraqis avoid capture, said officials familiar with intelligence reports.

French flee: Buddies, or backstabbers?

A sample of your responses:

The French will never be a friend to the U.S. again. We cannot trust them anymore. We should close all our military bases in France and stop our foreign aid program to them.We should close the U.N. headquarters in N.Y. and put it in Paris. We can use that building for the homeless.
Ron S.
Williamsburg, VA

The French have failed us and themselves.  This feud and backstabbing has ruined a relationship that they need more than we do.  How sad.
Marny R.
Running Springs, CA

The first place I'd look for Saddam and his gang would be on the French Riviera!  Especially with all that Money And friends in high French places! French Fools!
Jim C.
Huron, OH

They now belong on the Axis of Evil!
Lance K.

Both the French and Iraqi regimes are beneath contempt. They should be condemned and scorned by all civilized nations.
Roy C.
Tishomingo, OK

France should be banned from the U.N. "Security" Council for having betrayed the U.S. If the U.N. has any integrity left it should ban France from participating in any UN Security Council decisions for no less than one year for each of the 17 U.N. resolutions regarding Iraq. Effectively, not until 2021 should France be permitted to participate in international decision making.  What is to say they wouldn't do the same to some other nation who falls into their disfavor?  France has clearly demonstrated they are an international security risk and do not deserve the privilege or honor of participating in critical decision making policies on an international scale.  Ban France -absolutely.  Americans should travel through our 50 beautiful states and forget France.  Let's jumpstart our economy instead of jumpstarting that of France.
John E.
White Plains, NY

What to do about the French.  The worst we could do is to ignore them.  Their inflated ego would self-destruct.
Al B.
Milledgeville, GA

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