New Role for U.N. Employees

And now the most intriguing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Hungry Herds
Last Friday U.N. security forces, whose organization has criticized what it says is a humanitarian crisis in Iraq, watched as thousands of famished people stormed cafeterias and restaurants looking for food after the workers who usually serve meals walked off the job to protest a payment dispute. One witness tells Time magazine the crowds stripped cafeterias, restaurants and bars of "everything, even the silverware." Thing is, these looters aren't residents of Iraq, they're employees of the United Nations, who ransacked their own headquarters in New York at lunchtime, carting off between $7,000 and $9,000 dollars worth of chickens, turkeys, souffles, casseroles and even liquor bottles. And that figure does not include the silverware, whose value is yet to be determined.

Finance Faux Pas?
New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, an outspoken advocate of rewriting the nation's campaign finance laws, has apparently had some trouble with the ones already on the books. The Federal Election Commission has handed Schumer its largest fine ever to a congressman for violations Schumer committed in his 1998 Senate campaign. National Review's Byron York says Schumer has now paid fines and restitution upwards of $250,000 for more than 750 contributions he received exceeding the $1,000 limit then in effect.

Jet Set?
Some are hoping the A-4 Skyhawk fighter plane that used to sit in front of Encinal High School in Alameda, Calif., before it was temporarily shipped off to be repainted will never return. They say the plane, which was used in the Vietnam War, is a symbol of violence and American militarism. This at a school whose athletic teams are called the "Jets," whose newspaper is the Jet Blast and whose mascot is a smiling cartoon plane. The teacher who started the campaign against the jet told the Sacramento Bee, "The parents of our Vietnamese and Cambodian and Afghan kids especially...have been affected by the tragedies of war, and I think we shouldn't say that that's insignificant or somehow not important."

Festering Feud
Despite the White House wish that the war of words between the State Department and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would die down, it continues to fester. You may recall Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said Gingrich was "off his meds and out of therapy" when Gingrich said the State Department had thrown away "all of the fruits of hard-won victory" in Iraq. Well, Gingrich is now telling the Boston Globe that Armitage is like a "squid blowing out ink to hide from predators."

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