William May Be 'Prince' of New York City

Better sit down for this one, all you single girls -- Prince William may be headed for the United States.

The hunky blond royal, considered one of the world's most eligible bachelors, is said to be eyeing New York City as his new home after he graduates from college.

William, 20, has reportedly told his dad, Prince Charles, that he wants to spend "a few years" living in the United States, where he could enjoy a "free and easier" life away from the prying eyes of British media.

"He is determined to maintain a degree of anonymity and feels America offers him the best chance of that," one royal source told Britain's Sunday Mirror.  "At the moment, it is under discussion, with New York as the option he prefers."

The source added that William might work in an art gallery or auction house, or possibly go for a post-graduate degree.

"Like his mother [Princess Diana], he wants his independence, and is convinced the States will offer that to him."

If Will settles in Manhattan, it would be a major departure from what other young heirs to the throne have done.

Traditionally, royal princes join the military immediately after leaving school, and Wills' kid brother Prince Harry has already said he wants to join the Army.

But William apparently wants to put his years at St. Andrew's University, where he's studying art and geography and will graduate in 2005 -- to use in the civilian world before considering an official role in the royal family.

When he reaches 21 in six weeks time, the prince will be able to draw on a $3 million trust fund. At the age of 25, he'll get another $35 million trust.