X2, Lizzie McGuire and Identity

X2,Lizzie McGuire and Identity in the blockbuster movie glare of The Foxlight.

X2:X-Men United is finally here and it's The Godfather: Part II of the X-Men movies: It's that rare sequel that's better than the original. And critics agree with the Foxlight. The action is bigger and better. And the storyline is fast moving even at over two hours. This will be the first big blockbuster of the year.

So will there be another sequel after this? Patrick Stewart, who plays Dr. Charles Xavier, is ready. "I'd like something with more scenes between my character and Halle Berry, Rebecca Rojmin-Stamos, Kelly Hu, Anna Paquin and Famke Janssen and hopefully that's what they'll do," he told Fox News.

And everything except a kid's movie is staying out of the way of the mutants this weekend. That leaves second or third place for Lizzie McGuire, the defunct Disney channel show. Cleverly called The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Hilary Duff is heading to Italy and she has a very animated imagination.

What will all of this mean to last week's No 1? Identity will probably stay in the top five. But this weekend, "X" marks the spot.