Topics and Guests for Friday, May 2

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May 2:

Now that the bombs have stopped falling, they're hoping for a different kind of boom in Iraq. The country is fertile territory for new business
Jack Roe of the business consulting firm Ballock and Roe
Brent Balloch of the business consulting firm Ballock and Roe

The military success in Iraq is a personal victory for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
Seth Stern from of the Christian Science Monitor

The Democrats' first debate of the 2004 campaign will kick off this weekend in South Carolina
Terry McAuliffe, DNC chairman

A war crimes investigation is underway, not of a captured Iraqi official but of a sergeant in the U.S. Marines.
Matt O'Brien, managing editor of Las Vegas City Life

It's fireworks and filibuster on Capitol Hill over nominees for long vacant spots on the federal bench
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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