Bush's Big Speech: What Do You Want to Hear?

Six weeks after the start of the war in Iraq, President Bush is prepared to officially declare Thursday that the combat phase is over and the rebuilding phase has begun.

Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said the president will make the announcement aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (search), where he plans to spend Thursday night as the ship returns from operations in Iraq.

Bush’s big speech: What do you want to hear?

A sample of your responses:

I don't expect anything from Bush's speech tonight, as I won't be watching it.
S. Brown

There are 3 questions answered I will like to be answered:
Where will be going next?
How will the "liberation" of Iraq benefit US?
and, What to do with France and Germany who helped Sadam under UN sanctions?
Frank L.

I want to hear Bush say that we've taken a giant step against terror, but the fight has just begun; the future lies with what America does next to combat threats and terrorists; and that a $750 billion tax cut is needed to re-start the economy.
Michael G.
Garland, TX

Since the President will have a national audience, he should push for his tax cuts in a big way and tie it to his success in Iraq.  Tell us that the same people who didn't think we'd be successful are the same ones that are denying us some of our money back.  Since the costs for the operation are going to be so much lower than expected, Congress can afford to increase the tax cut.  Lower oil prices, like lower taxes, will boost the economy.  High tech companies worth billions helped hasten the results with their high tech weapons.  We need more people to invest large sums of money in them to make them more successful, but that won't happen if Congress insists on not releasing the capital investment money.  We should never punish success, despite the Democrats and some liberal Republicans' desire to do so by not allowing us to have a large enough tax cut.  I don't care if many will complain about tying the outcome of the war to reducing taxes.  Just like fighting the war to free Iraqis was right, letting us have more money to invest in the economy is right too.
Rick B.
Peekskill, NY

Personally I'd like to hear how President Bush feels about France's back-stabbing war tactics.
Omaha, NE

I would like Bush to say that he is going to ask Russia where Saddam is. 
Jill L.
Bridgeview, IL

I'd like to hear him say, "Janeane Garofalo--I'm still waiting for that apology and the roses you promised!"
Jim C.
Grove, OK

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