Topics and Guests for Thursday, May 1

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May 1:

Running water, and electricity are taken for granted in many countries, but in Iraq these things are in need of some serious rebuilding
Scott Peterson, foreign correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor

President Bush makes a historic landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln (search), which will serve as the backdrop for his speech to the nation tonight
Kirk Hanlin, former Clinton advance man and vice president of Utility Automation Integrators

Getting Iraq's oil to flow freely is more complicated than just throwing a switch or turning on a faucet
Chip Cummins, reporter for The Wall Street Journal

The White House has a secret blueprint for creating a free-market economy in Iraq.
Neil King, Jr., reporter for The Wall Street Journal

Just days before the execution of Timothy McVeigh (search), an urgent letter was sent but never made it to the desk of Attorney General John Ashcroft
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Democrats who want the president's job are gearing up for their first debate this weekend. Is this the unofficial launch of campaign 2004?
Jake Tapper of

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