Correct the Guest: British Labour PM Tam Dalyell

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Today we're going to play "Correct the Guest".

So many of you wrote in about my interview with British Labour PM Tam Dalyell, that I thought I would address some of the things he brought up.

No sooner than Dalyell — one of the most vocal opponents of the war — said, "Why aren't the Americans locking up the evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses in Iraq," one of the newspapers this morning reported that that's precisely what the Americans are doing and have been doing for a while now.

American troops are gathering up truckloads of documents from the headquarters of the Iraqi intelligence services, and are moving them to a secure warehouse so the Iraqis — and maybe even the Americans — will have the evidence for what are certain to be future trials.

Trials for torture, trials for rape, trials for summary executions, for dismemberment. Have you read about that Saddam Hussein edict that suspected deserters from the army have their ears cut off? Have you read about the summary executions that were still going on in the country the day before Baghdad fell?

Our British member of Parliament just plain had it wrong, and my suspicion that the Americans couldn't be ignoring evidence of Saddam's brutalities was right.

Oh... and it turns out that the looting of the antiquities in Baghdad's museums was bogus too. Hundreds of priceless objects were supposed to have disappeared. That's now been revised downward to a few dozen objects missing.

All this is a lesson. When you hear howling, check out who is doing the howling. In this case, the howlers are the war opponents who just can't bear to hear that they were wrong.

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