Topics and Guests, April 29

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A former Iraqi army general who ran Saddam Hussein's missile programs and was eventually promoted to the prestigious post of oil minister surrendered to U.S.-led coalition forces, Central Command said Tuesday. Amer Mohammed Rashid (search) surrendered Monday and is in coalition custody, the command said from Camp As Sayliyah in Qatar.


• U.S. troops on Monday night fired on Iraqi demonstrators, some of who were shooting AK-47s (search), as they approached a schoolhouse where American forces were housed, U.S. officers said Tuesday. The director of the local hospital said 13 people were killed and 75 injured. U.S. troops said their reports indicated five to seven people were injured.

• The United States has moved an air operation center from this base to one in Qatar, officials said Tuesday. The move is the first major step in a reorganization of American military forces in the region after the war in Iraq.

• Leaders from Southeast Asia joined China's premier for an emergency SARS summit Tuesday while three more countries announced their first cases of the infectious disease. Mongolia, South Korea and New Zealand joined the list of countries with people infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome, while hard-hit China and Taiwan both established funds to combat the disease.

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