Saudi So Long: Pulled Out or Pushed Out?

In the first major step in a post-Iraq war reorganization of American military forces in the Persian Gulf, the United States has moved an air operation center from Saudi Arabia to Qatar (search).

Control of military flights in and around Iraq moved on Monday from Prince Sultan to Qatar's al-Udeid air base, said Rear Adm. Dave Nichols, deputy commander of the center.

Nearly all of the 4,500 Air Force personnel and 100 U.S. planes based here will be gone by the end of the summer, he said.

Saudi so long: Pulled out or pushed out?

A sample of your responses:

Getting out of Saudi Arabia and leaving it to those bloated thieves in charge is what the Saudis deserve or hopefully, something worse.
Roger W.

Definately pulled out. I have been arguing with my anti-war liberal friends for months that this was the main reason to eliminate Hussein from Iraq. Remove Hussein and we no longer have a reason to keep troops in Saudi Arabia, and Bin Laden no longer has a reason to hate the USA. Al Queda no longer has a reason to exist.
Dan R.
Ashville, OH

I think we are pulling out to a better environment.  I am sure the Saudi’s aren’t complaining about us leaving.  I hope we can maintain our bases in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait well in to the future as well as any that we can end up with in Iraq.
Bob H.
Orlando, FL

We pulled out of Saudi Arabia. We have better places to be!
Marny R.
Running Springs, CA

The U.S. pulled out of Saudi Arabia after we were pushed to the limits!
Kenny M.
Traverse City, MI

Of course pulled out. We don't need Saudi oil now, we have Iraq for that. Perhaps that's what the war was for. I wonder how free Iraqi oil wells are now.
Afshan R.

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