Guests and Topics: April 29

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Hillary Clinton spoke at the Democratic Party's main fund-raising event of the year, the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner on Monday. “I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration's policies, Clinton shouted. “We are Americans and have the right to participate and debate any administration." Radio talk show host, Michael Reagan and Lanny Davis , former White House special counsel joins the debate…

Now that North Korea has finally admitted that they have nuclear weapons, what will it take for them to abandon their weapons programs?  And should the U.S. have to offer anything in return? Joining us now, the former ambassador to South Korea and China, James Lilley.

Could Pres. Bush actually lose in 2004?
Dick Morris, FOX News political analyst

Cuba was reelected today to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Commission but do they deserve it? Philip Brenner, International Relations professor

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