Forget the Weapons of Mass Destruction (For a Second)

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I don't care if the Americans find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Don't get me wrong... I think they're there, but I almost wish we would stop looking.


Because I want to hear what the people who opposed the war have to say, minus that argument. I want to hear them essentially conclude that Iraq would have been better off with no war and Saddam Hussein in power.

The case against this absurdist line of thinking is splashed across the front pages of the anti-war press every day — The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker.

Any one of them will carry big stories about how Iraq was a much more grotesque torture chamber for its own citizens than anyone had ever even imagined.

It was an abomination, one of Dante's levels of hell. The Inferno come to real, everyday life for 23 million Iraqis.

Now I ask you: Who would be so cold-hearted as to begrudge the Iraqis a chance to get this monster off their back? Who would be so mean-spirited as to declare the war a failure if the only thing accomplished was setting the Iraqis free?

It is an argument with no legs to stand on.

How would you like to be debating your friends and be forced to take the position that the war was not justified and therfore shouldn't have happened? That the Iraqis should still be living under Saddam's iron rule?

The dictator's thugs were still executing people with a single bullet to the head just the day before Baghdad fell.

I hope we find the WMD, I guess...

But I'd sure like to have a go with those people who think life would be better for the Iraqis with Saddam still on top.

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