Topics and Guests for Tuesday, April 29

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April 29:

The Pentagon trades bases in the Persian Gulf, moving its air operations center from Saudi Arabia to Qatar
Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard editor and FNC contributor

Striking Nigerian oil workers are said to have trapped nearly 100 people, including 21 Americans, on an oil rig for the last 10 days. Could there be a rescue attempt in the works?
• Retired Delta Force Capt. Wade Ishimoto

SARS is taking a huge political and economic toll on China, where nearly 150-people have died from the disease
Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard editor and FNC contributor

France teams up with Germany to undo Europe’s military ties with the U.S. They're proposing a European Union defense alliance that would compete with NATO
John Hulsman, Heritage Foundation research fellow

An unusual earthquake rocks Alabama and six other southern states
Michael Grover, Atlanta resident

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