Is Saddam Dead or Alive?

Saddam Hussein's 66th birthday arrived Monday with none of the elaborate fanfare of past years but with rumors that the deposed leader was still alive -- and was planning a revenge attack to mark the occasion.

In Saddam's hometown of Tikrit (search), small groups of supporters, including some members of his al-Tikriti clan, staged demonstrations in favor of their overthrown patron and promised celebrations for years to come.

"Saddam Hussein is one of the great Arabic leaders. We did not import him. He was born in Iraq," said Abdullah Ialeh Hussein, who identified himself as Saddam's cousin. "The Americans have occupied us, but we will continue to support him."

Do you think Saddam is dead or alive?

A sample of your responses:

How about Saddam hiding somewhere in France? He certainly seems to have a lot of friends there.  Anything is possible

If Saddam is alive, he's no doubt found safe refuge in France.
John V.
Show Low, AZ

Saddam is hiding in some other country, probably Syria laughing at President Bush right now.

The state of Saddam is not important now. Either we got him, or we will get him. His regime has collapsed, let's get on with things.

Find Sadaam and we'll also find Jimmie Hoffa!
Pat K.
Raleigh, NC

Personally I believe Sadaam is Dead.  I have great pride in our military and our training. And I think that Pres. Bush is a great leader.  Also, I think he is dead because believe me you don't want to be on the recieving end of a Bunker Buster.
Nicholas C.

I could care less!  Whether he is dead or alive is irrelevant to the US.   However, without the coalition's custody of his body, dead or alive, the Iraqi's confidence in the coalition's success in their liberation will be undermined.  The brutality of his regime's response to the uprising in the south after Desert Storm, I'm sure is still in their memories.  Also, if he is still indeed alive and on the loose there is still a strong possibility that he could attempt to regain control of the reigns of government in Iraq.  So we need proof one way or another to complete our successful campaign in Iraq.
John B.
Kittery, ME

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