Guests and Topics: April 28

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

As authorities uncover secret documents in newly liberated Iraq...  Is the French connection to Iraq much bigger than we could have ever imagined?  And, was a British Member of Parliament, who was vehemently opposed to military action in Iraq, on Saddam's secret payroll? Can any of this possibly be true? We'll ask Stephen Hayes a reporter for The Weekly Standard.

Then, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld vs. Secretary of State Colin Powell. Does State need a makeover? Our FOX News Political Analyst and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is right in the thick of the debate. He'll join us this evening.

Plus, we'll get an update on the U.N.'s controversial "oil for food" program from Benon Sevan who is the head of that program for the United Nations.

And later, as The Factor moves along... a proposed new law in the State of California wants you to hire a transvestite or face the consequences! And just what might they be? We'll tell you about it.

In the Unresolved Problems segment tonight, protecting Americans who are different. On April 21, the California Assembly proposed a bill that provided civil protections for transsexuals and other transgendered people, including cross dressers and transvestites. With us now to explain the proposed law is Fox Legal Analyst, Lis Wiehl. And from San Francisco, Dana Rivers, who used to be a man, who is now the spokeswoman for some transgendered people.

In the Personal Story segment tonight, two computer technicians are suing New York Law School for $15 million, charging they were fired after turning in a professor who had a massive amount of child pornography on his office computer. That professor, Edward Samuels, resigned last week, but the whistle blowers say they don't deserve to be terminated. With us now, one of the plaintiffs in the case, Dorothea Perry, and her lawyer, Louis Pechman.

Finally, in the Back of the Book segment, comedian and author Bill Maher  on celebrity activism and the fallout that can come with it. Maher's headed to Broadway for a run on the Great White Way but, of course, he's stopping by the No Spin Zone first! He'll give us a preview of his new show and when he joins this evening.

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