Topics and Guests, April 25

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Central Command officials were trying Friday to find out what Tariq Aziz (search ), Iraq's former deputy prime minister who was taken into U.S. custody the day before, knows about Saddam Hussein's fallen regime.


• North Korea's reported claim that it has nuclear weapons could backfire on the Stalinist state by alienating China, a Korean War-era ally that is a major provider of food and fuel, some analysts say.

• President Bush is using his ninth trip to Ohio to lean again on Sen. George Voinovich (search), a fellow Republican who refuses to go along with Bush's drive for more than a half-trillion dollars in new tax cuts.

• Beijing city officials told 4,000 people suspected of being exposed to SARS to stay home Friday as quarantined medical workers in Taiwan held a rowdy protest and Hong Kong hospitals were accused of not properly protecting frontline doctors from the deadly bug.

• As the U.S.-led coalition continues to round up top members of Saddam Hussein's regime, American and Iraqi officials are hammering out exactly how to prosecute Saddam loyalists accused of participating in brutal war and humanitarian crimes.

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