Paul McCartney, Jessica Seinfeld and Jamie Foxx

Paul McCartney, Jessica Seinfeld and Jamie Foxx in the Foxlight.

Stella McCartney has fashioned something new -- a pretty funny portrait of dad Paul. He wasn't just the cute Beatle, he's the frugal one. In fact, Stella calls her a dad "a tight bastard" for, among other things, sending her to public school. He's worth $1.2 billion and is the 29th wealthiest man in Britain according to last year's bucks-o-meter. And apparently he's not parting with any of it. Dear prudence, indeed.

According to The New York Post, Jerry Seinfeld's wife Jessica is one of the 50 most powerful women in the Big Apple. The newspaper also claims that when Hillary Rodham Clinton lingers at one of your charity events, you've really made it. Hey maybe the hors d’oeuvres were just really, really good.

Finally, Jamie Foxx is a great actor. So why can't he act like a gentleman? His bust over the weekend for refusing to leave a casino and acting badly proves he's probably a sore loser in more ways than one. But this too will pass. Shape up, Jamie. You were robbed for at least an Oscar nomination on both Any Given Sunday and Ali.