Let's Invade Belgium!

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Belgium is famous for chocolate, beer, Napoleon's Waterloo, and — believe it or not — the invention of the saxophone..

But the Belgians have also appointed themselves judges of everyone on the planet, and are today trying to put U.S. Gen. Tommy Franks on trial in the International Criminal Court.

A Belgian lawyer is working with some Iraqis to cobble up an indictment to put before the judges of the U.N.-sanctioned court which sits in The Hague.

The Belgians opposed the war right down to the holes in their socks, and they are going to try to put the general in the dock because they still don't like the war even though it achieved the salutary result of knocking a murderous, torturing, thieving thug out of the position of highest power in Iraq.

One ought to conclude that if the Belgians think Franks should be tried for war crimes, they must believe that Saddam Hussein was perfectly okay and should have stayed on the job, still executing political prisoners.

The New York Times reports that Saddam's thugs were still administering one shot to the head the day before Baghdad fell. Mainly, the crime that warranted execution was owning a satellite phone.

This is why George W. Bush pulled out of the International Criminal Court. Even Clinton balked at the dangerous internationalism of the ICC, because an American general who successfully conducts a war as Franks did might indeed have found himself subject to the judgment of the stern judicial martinets of Belgium.

This, coupled with the French passing along Espionage to Saddam, brings me back to the top.

Is it time to invade Belgium just knock some sense into them and give the Frenchies a scare?

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