Topics and Guests for April 24

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Topics and Guests for April 24:

9 a.m. ET

American investigators in Iraq have found what may be a clue to the only American missing from the first Gulf War: the initials of Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher, etched into a prison wall in Baghdad.
Richard Adams, Speicher's nephew

China shut down a major hospital in Beijing and put more than 2,000 employees under observation for severe acute respiratory syndrome Thursday, as Hong Kong health experts said the disease may be even deadlier than originally thought. And more on the new case of Sars involving a Seton Hall University student.
Dr. Eddy Bresnitz, state epidemiologist and assistant commissioner for the New Jersey Department of Health and senior services
Michael Jackson’s Reality TV
BJ Sigesmund, Newsweek magazine's entertainment reporter

10 a.m. ET

Rebuilding Iraq: Does Iran want to promote an Iranian style of government in Iraq?
Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H.

A two-hour special airing tonight on Fox shows Michael Jackson's private home movies and more.
Flo Anthony, radio talk show host
Dr. Carole Lieberman, MD, psychiatrist           

The return to Everest expedition… We’ll talk to the first American to climb Mount Everest
Jim Whittaker, the “Godfather of American Alpine Climbers”

11 a.m. ET

The latest on the Laci Peterson case…
David Schertler, former federal prosecutor
Joseph Tacopina, criminal defense attorney

12 p.m. ET

Mid East turmoil: Are we closer to peace? The White House expresses support as Arafat ends standoff with his newly appointed P.M. Soon Bush will unveil his much talked about "roadmap to peace".
Sen. George Mitchell, former Senate majority leader and architect for the "Mitchell Plan for Mid East Peace"
How involved should the U.S. be in establishing an interim Iraqi government?  Should administration officials be worried about Iranian involvement in the creation of a new Iraqi government? 
Hamid Al-Bayati, spokesman for the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq

1 p.m. ET 

Do Arab countries appreciate the U.S. efforts in fighting terrorist regimes around the world?Joseph Farah, Arab American journalist
Mansoor Ijaz, FOX foreign affairs analyst

2 p.m. ET  

Inside the mind of Scott Peterson…
Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross, criminologist at the University of Baltimore

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change