Topics and Guests, April 24

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Tariq Aziz (search), Saddam Hussein's former deputy prime minister, is in United States custody. Plus, four other top members of Hussein's former regime have fallen from the U.S. military's 55-deck of cards as the coalition continues to round up Iraq's most wanted.


• American forces are changing their search strategy after coming up empty at most of the top suspected weapons sites in Iraq.

• President Bush is using his ninth trip to Ohio to lean again on Sen. George Voinovich (search), a fellow Republican who refuses to go along with Bush's drive for more than a half-trillion dollars in new tax cuts.

• A Palestinian suicide bomber kills a guard in a rush-hour attack at an Israeli train station, a day after the incoming Palestinian prime minister (search) formed a Cabinet that clears the way for a new U.S. peace plan.

• North Korea (search) has nuclear weapons and is prepared to prove it, the Communist nation tells the United States during talks in Beijing.

• American investigators in Iraq have found what may be a clue to the only American missing from the first Gulf War: the initials of Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher (search), etched into a prison wall in Baghdad.

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