Pat Sajak Weekend: April 27

Sunday at 9 p.m. ET

Join Pat Sajak for FOX News Channel's newest show!

This one-hour, one-on-one show is a new place for conversation and celebrity interviews. Sajak's easygoing style and appreciation for his guests will prove to be a winning combination.

Check out these special guests:

First, find out from FOX News correspondents Greg Kelly, Rick Leventhal and Jennifer Eccleston about their experiences in covering the war in Iraq. How are female reporters treated differently in Iraq than in Jordan? Jennifer Eccleston tells us. And how did Greg Kelly feel sleeping in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces? Plus, what did Rick Leventhal do right after he came back from Iraq? Don't miss this!

Also, the host of After Hours with Cal Thomas reveals the similarities between the politics of Washington and the opinions of Hollywood. Also, does this columnist think it's ok to oppose the war after the war starts? And which two news venues were the worst in covering the war? Join the conversation and find out this author's real passion, which is not the news.