Confidence, Identity, It Runs in the Family and The Real Cancun

Dustin Hoffman, some creepy guys, a father and son project from the Douglas family and an unreal reality movie all in the harsh spring break glare of The Foxlight.

Mr. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Dustin Hoffman plays a gay kingpin in the uber-confusing con game movie called Confidence. Ed Burns needs a break-through role since slumming around Hollywood. Can this con audiences? The con itself has critics scratching their heads.

Next, is Identity really the scariest movie since The Ring? The commercials say so. And the cast is first rate for a slice and dice fest. John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Rebecca De Mornay check into the creepiest motel since Bates left the light on.

Want an update of My Three Sons with a different Douglas family? Forget Chip, Ernie and Robbie. Here are Kirk, Michael and another Douglas who doesn't matter because you haven't heard of him until this casting call. It's called It Runs in the Family, and according to most critics the "it" is bad acting.

Finally, ready for "The Real World Meets Blind Date Meets Star Search Meets Mexican Idol Meets Spring Break"? It's a "reality" movies called The Real Cancun, and should prove why television is our best entertainment value. In other words, we can get this junk for free.