What CNN Wouldn't Do...

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One of the most bizarre things to come out of the Iraq war was an admission by CNN's vice president of news coverage.

Over a 12-year period of travel to Baghdad on behalf of the network, he learned about the secrets of Saddam Hussein's brutally repressive regime, but kept quiet about it to maintain CNN's access to Baghdad.

So for CNN, it was the silence for visas program.

In the latest FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll, we asked Americans about that decision.

Most thought CNN should have cleared out of Baghdad and told the world what it knew, including the fact its own people had been tortured by Saddam's secret police.

Mysteriously, a quarter of those polled thought they did the right thing. Go figure.

To me, this is one of those simple questions. Your people are getting tortured. Do you stay or do you pull out? It's a no-brainer. You get out.

Let me assure you — access to a dictator's capitol is not worth getting your people tortured, especially if you have to tone down your reporting to stay in position. At that point, the news organization becomes nothing more than a press release repeating machine.

By the way... the FOX guy who got caught at customs with the bad Saddam art. He got fired. End of story.

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