Topics and Guests for Thursday, April 24

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April 24:

Not everyone thinks the SARS panic is justified, especially in Canada where many consider the travel advisory an overreaction.
Joe Fiorito, columnist for the Toronto Star

The folks in Washington and on the ground in Iraq are doing their best to bring democracy to that country, but there's always the possibility that a democratic election could deliver an islamic theocracy
Tania Mehanna, senior war correspondent for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation

The military prison at Guantanamo Bay has a juvenile section. It's been revealed that three teenagers are being held there, as enemy combatants
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

There’s been a tantalizing discovery in Iraq where investigators are searching for the only American missing from the first Gulf War
• Retired Navy Capt. Robert Stumpf

First the French opposed the war in Iraq, threatening a veto at the U.N. Now they're fighting the elimination of sanctions. Is it any wonder that Washington is considering some form of punishment?
Herve Mariton, French parliament member

GIs and journalists have always taken souvenirs home with them — a Nazi flag, an enemy soldier's weapon. How do you distinguish that from flat-out looting?
Roger Atwood, writing a book called Stealing History

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