Bruce Springsteen, Reality TV and O.J. Simpson

Bruce Springsteen, reality TV and more of O.J. Simpson than any of us want to see in The Foxlight.

When you get in trouble at the office who weighs in with a decision? The Boss. In Bruce Springsteen's opinion, the Dixie Chicks are getting a raw deal. Springsteen says their banishment from radio stations for speaking out against the president is "un-American." Forget that. I think we all support their right to appear nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Keira Knightley is proud of her movie Bend It Like Beckham, but she wishes another one of her country's exports would just go away. Knightley is embarrassed that Britain has infected the U.S. with reality TV. "On behalf of the British nation, I apologize," she said recently. But she admits she used to be hooked on Big Brother.

So, can we blame the Brits for a reality show starring O.J. Simpson? Didn't we already have that? It was called the trial.

A production company says they have enough footage of "the Juice" running around in 2001 and 2002 to make a reality show out of it. It mostly shows him going to hip-hop concerts. O.J. himself says the show is a no-go. Here's a suggestion: Send him where they sent the cast of I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here and then just forget to 'get him out of there.'