Anna Nicole Smith, Eugene Levy and Tori Spelling

Anna Nicole Smith, Eugene Levy and Tori Spelling in the whatever happened to her glow of The Foxlight.

A new Showtime documentary on Anna Nicole Smith explains a lot about the woozy Macy's Day Parade Float. According to the flick, she's hooked on Vicodin because of the pain her giant breast implants cause, her country cousins have tattoos of her on their bodies and she once slipped her late sugar daddy a Valium so she could spend a million dollars at Harry Winston's. She's class. But what kind? Great title: Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole.

Eugene Levy is the only really funny thing about Bringing Down The House. He had audiences straight trippin, boo. And he's back and great in A Mighty Wind. But don't try to tell the former SCTV gagmeister a joke. He tells the New York Times he hates it when people try to be funny. And he can't stand joke-jokes. Eugene, even the one about the guy who goes into a bar, oh never mind.

Finally, Tori "Daddy Will I Ever Work Again?" Spelling is skipping an appearance on a Beverly Hills 90201 reunion. The New York Post says it's because Fox has passed on several of her projects. Nonsense according to her publicist. She says Tori has just "moved on." To what? Another wing of daddy's mansion? She's barely worked since 90210. Tori, everyone else is showing up. What if we give you the biggest trailer?