Oliver North Embedded with our Troops...

Hannity & Colmes are tracking their good friend retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North as he travels with our troops in Iraq. North is "embedded" with the 1st Marine Unit in Iraq.

You can catch Oliver North's reports from the field on Hannity & Colmes and through out the day on FOX.

Here's an archive of his videophone reports:

• 4/18: Oliver North reports on the remarkable operation troops are carrying out from locating Iraqi leadership, identifying WMD, restoring power, water and providing humanitarian support

• 4/16: Oliver North reports on a U.S. Marine capturing former terrorist Abu Abbas

• 4/8: Oliver North reports on Iraq's armed opposition that appears to be breaking down

• 4/7: Oliver North reports on U.S. Marines crossing the Tigris River east of Baghdad surrounding the city

• 4/1: Oliver North reports talks to an officer about how supplies are abundant and the troops are being taken care

• 3/30: Oliver North reports on a Marine UH-1 Huey helicopter that crashed at a refueling point in southern Iraq, killing three people aboard and wounding one

• 3/28: Oliver North reports on U.S. forces closing in on Baghdad and hear an amazing story of an Iraqi man surrendering to North's cameraman

• 3/26: Oliver North on the Marine helicopter units engaging Iraqi "technicals" before being grounded by bad weather

• 3/23: Oliver North talks about a service that honored the 8 British and 4 U.S. soldiers who died after their helicopter crashed in Kuwait

• 3/22: Oliver North reports on U.S. troops moving North into Iraq as oil trenches burn behind him in Baghdad

• 3/20: Oliver North reports on the US helicopter crash he witnessed

• 3/19: Oliver North's interview with Marine Captain David Roen

• 3/18: Oliver North with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force