Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart and Catherine Zeta-Jones' new baby in The Foxlight.

He may be Bruce Almighty this summer but expect him to act more like the Grinch when it comes child support: Jim Carrey's ex-wife says $10,000 a month isn't enough to raise their 15 year old daughter.

According to mom, the littlest Carrey needs a $200,000 home pilates studio, $1,500 head-shots for nepotism entertainment jobs, horseback riding and personal trainers and a $100 bucks a week for allowance. Did Jim cough it all up? Terms of a settlement are not being disclosed.

Patrick Stewart says for the most part Star Trek fans stay in their own galaxy, but there was one time when he went on stage during a Shakespearean production and two people in the front row were wearing Starfleet uniforms. Stewart says he "wanted to hurt them." Maybe they were reviewing the play for an intergalactic paper.

Stewart also tells The Foxlight he doesn't think the X-Men movies, in which he plays Professor Charles Xavier, will have the same legs as Star Trek because it doesn't have a TV series. Not yet anyway, Patrick.

Finally, congratulations to new parents Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They had a little girl. Father and daughter are said to be napping regularly.