It Was Worth It

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I didn't have the time during the intense days of Operation Iraqi Freedom to say what I thought about it, so I’m going to take the opportunity to do so over the next few days.

Who was right and who was wrong? Everybody got a little of both, except for the most vocal of the naysayers who said it was the totally wrong thing to do for all sorts of imagined reasons that never happened.

The most potent of the naysayers are the ones who are demanding the discovery of weapons of mass destruction, the ones who quote George W. Bush and others in the administration who said there were X tons of anthrax, X tons of nerve gas and the rest.

So what happens if the WMD turns out to be a bunch of rusty old barrels with some bad stuff leaking out of the bottom, with no apparent ability on the part of the Republican Guards to put it into shells and lob at the Americans?

Good. That means the Iraqi military was in worse shape than anybody thought. Where's the bad news there?

It is more clear than it ever was that the regime of Saddam Hussein was cruel and murderous, that it held hostage and terrorized its own people and they have now been relieved of the duty to bow down to it.

That is a very big deal, and only the most grudging Bush hater will credibly argue that we should not have gone through with this war if the only beneficial result was going to be the freedom of the Iraqi people and a boost to President Bush's reputation.

It was worth it. Ask an Iraqi.

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