America's Promise to Iraq

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This is an invitation for all those people who thought there ought to be a good reason for war with Iraq, and who didn't like the buffet of reasons the Bush administration rolled out.

Was it weapons of mass destruction? Was it regime change? Was it human rights violations? Those who wanted no war no matter what pestered the Bushies for weeks — which is it? Which is it?

The point of all that was to undermine support for the war, to make Americans nervous that its commander in chief didn't know why he was going to war.

It turned out that the Iraqis were President Bush's best friends. They were happy to get Saddam Hussein off their backs.

And they are now demonstrating their free speech in the most dramatic of ways... screeching for the Americans — their liberators — to get out of their country.

Patience, Iraq, America will be gone in much less time than it took you to get rid of Saddam, and you won't have to go through near the agony.

One-hundred-and-twenty-eight Americans died in combat freeing Iraq, and 495 were wounded. That's a big commitment from American mothers and fathers.

This country should make certain we follow through, and do what we said we would do... make Iraq as successful after a defeat by the Americans as Germany was after World War II.

Personally, I think we'll find weapons of mass destruction and I think we'll find Saddam himself.

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