Below the Fold for April 20

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Give Peas a Chance?

As if to demonstrate that nothing is sacred anymore in America, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, has decided to mark the Christian holy season by erecting a billboard that calls Jesus the Prince of Peas, claiming Christ would be a vegetarian.

Meanwhile, union leaders in Chicago marked Passover by organizing a Labor Seder that likened the 10 plagues on Egypt to a series of modern-day labor-union concerns.

Statue of Limitations

Ali al-Jibiri, the artist responsible for dozens of Saddam statues, including the one hauled down by Americans and Iraqis on April 9, calls the destruction of his work, "childish."

Jabiri says, "I have designed many statues of Saddam Hussein… I contributed to the modernization of his image, eliminating the sword in his hands and taking him off his horse. We live in an age of airplanes and computers. It was necessary to depict Saddam as a soldier with a pistol and rifle."

He also recalls that he built the toppled statue of reinforced bronze and steel, so it could withstand "even the strongest canon shell."

Jabiri believes so strongly in the Ba'ath socialist party that he moved to Italy 30 years ago.