Anger Management, Bruce Willis and Madonna

Anger Management, Bruce Willis and Madonna on entertaining a country at war.

Did Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson rescue Hollywood?

Their film Anger Management took in $25.6 million at the box office this weekend on top of the $44 million the film made last weekend. This is a good sign for movie ticket sales, which have been down since the war in Iraq began. The 2003 box office is off 8 percent from last year.

Apparently, America didn't want to see war during the war: Bruce Willis’ Tears of The Sun has only made around $43 million since it opened March 7 – and it cost a lot more to make.

Things need to turn around quickly, because big budget films like X2, the sequel to X-Men, and The Matrix Reloaded are just a few weeks away.

And it's not just the movies. Other entertainment casualties include another Dixie Chicks setback. A Lipton Iced Tea commercial may be in jeopardy because of the anti-Bush remarks made by Natalie Maines. Dixie Chick record sales are off 50 percent since the Bush bashing -- despite some big back pedaling.

None of this has been lost on Madonna. With her new album American Life due out Tuesday, she went back to the video production studio and re-cut her controversial music video into just a singing head backed by flags of all nations. What was once a strong anti-war statement now looks like an ad for the International House of Pancakes.