Topics and Guests, April 17

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Saddam Hussein's half brother is nabbed by U.S. special forces as coalition troops continue to track down key members of the deposed Iraqi regime.


• Despite Syria's insistence it has not allowed senior Iraqi officials to cross its borders, the Bush administration has reason to believe several key figures in Saddam Hussein's regime may already have found refuge there.

• Gen. Tommy Franks lit a cigar and strolled through the glittering splendor of one of Saddam Hussein's bombed-out palaces, sitting in the gilded chairs and looking with obvious disgust at the gold toilet-paper dispenser and the gold-handled toilet bowl brush.

• Secretary of State Colin Powell welcomes North Korea's agreement to join the United States and China in three-way talks but sees little hope that the discussions will lead to a speedy resolution of U.S. concerns about Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programs.

• The seven American POWs rescued in Iraq are in good health but need "individual attention" to help them cope with the emotional toll of three weeks in captivity.

• President Bush calls on the United Nations to lift economic sanctions against Baghdad now that Saddam Hussein's regime has collapsed.

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