Topics and Guests for April 16

President Bush urged Congress to quickly pass at least $550 billion in tax relief, less than the president had hoped to get but more than many lawmakers say they are willing to give.

Can the president's blueprint for tax cuts help stimulate a sluggish economy, job market and the Street?

We'll take the market's temperature with Patricia Chadwick of Ravengate Partners, and John Allison, chairman and CEO of W.P. Stewart Asset Management.

Plus, who is to blame? Some French concerns are in a panic claiming that anti-France sentiment in the U.S. is bad for business. A valid concern? Should the U.S. relax the hard feelings? Former Sen. Al D'Amato weighs in.

Is the rich culture of the Iraqi people in real danger from corporate America? We’ll ask Bitta Mostofi, co-coordinator of Voices in the Wilderness.

The Bush wants to expand the FBI’s DNA database to include juvenile offenders and adults who have just been arrested -- not convicted. Deborah Daniels, assistant U.S. Attorney General for Justice Programs, and Jim Dempsey of the Center for Democracy and Technology, join the debate.

Plus, we’ll talk earnings and expectations with J.T. Battenberg, chairman and CEO of Delphi Corporation.

And, some companies are blaming SARS for their economic ills. Is that fair, or an easy excuse? We'll investigate.

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