Guests and Topics: April 16

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Recent poll results show the president's approval rating has risen above 70 percent.  Will these numbers help him push through his agenda here at home? Congressman Greg Meeks here in New York and California Congressman David Dreier. 

The president is getting sky-high approval ratings after the success in Iraq.  What does this mean for Democrats hoping to take his job in 2004?  Rev. Al Sharpton, presidential candidate

Joining us with a live report from Iraq, our very own Colonel Oliver North.  Colonel, I want to talk to you about Abu Abbas.  And you mentioned him in your 1985 autobiography.  And after the Achille Lauro docked in Egypt and the hostages were released, intelligence showed he was going to fly from Egypt to Indonesia on a chartered EgyptAir flight and you were involved in that mission.  Tell us about that. 

Has the United States broken the Geneva Convention and international laws, accepting practices while fighting to depose Saddam Hussein?  And has the war been messier than the military has let on?  And least one man says yes.  We're joined now by the former Green Party gubernatorial candidate in the great state of Texas, author of the upcoming book, "Full Spectrum Dominance."  Rahul Mahajan.

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