Topics and Guests, April 15

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

With the major battles of Operation Iraqi Freedom likely over, leaders of Iraq's rival factions gather with coalition forces to help pave the way toward a democratic nation.


• The U.S.-led coalition remains "unwavering" in its conviction that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but tests have proved negative at several suspect sites.

• Triumphant in Iraq, the Bush administration looks across the border to Syria, accusing it of harboring remnants of Saddam Hussein's government and supporting terrorism. Secretary of State Colin Powell raises the possibility of diplomatic and economic sanctions.

• President Bush urges Congress to quickly pass at least $550 billion in tax relief, less than the president had hoped to get but more than many lawmakers say they are willing to give as deficits increase to pay for war in Iraq and stimulate a sluggish economy.

• The heat generated by the speedy collapse of President Saddam Hussein's government is being felt not just by Syria, but also by Iraq's fellows in President Bush's "axis of evil," Iran and North Korea.

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