John Travolta, Michael Douglas and American Idol

John Travolta, Michael Douglas and Simonizing American Idol are all in the harsh don't-vote-me-off-glare of The Foxlight.

What's next for John Travolta after his Basic flop? The New York Post says he wants to jump on the musical bandwagon. He told director Joel Schumacher he wants the lead in a movie version of Phantom of the Opera." Is this the next Travolta comeback he so desperately needs? Not according to Schumacher, who says he's passing on the low-voltage star for "someone younger." Ouch.

He's about to add to his own family, but Michael Douglas says blood can make you crazy -- even nuts. He says that half the time you want to strangle your family, the other half you want to defend them. Why all the confessing? He has a new movie coming out about family, of course. And, is just me or do the trailers and TV spots have more corn than Kansas? Sorry Michael -- you're not family, so don't strangle me.

Finally, I hate to agree with Simon, but a lot of the talent on American Idol this year is ready for "Six Flags" or another theme park job. I can't believe Kimberly got this far. The good news is: I predict this year's winner will blow Kelly Clarkson away.