Topics and Guests for Tuesday, April 15

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April 15:

Medical examiners work to determine whether two badly decomposed bodies that washed up on the northern Calif. shore are those of missing Modesto woman Laci Peterson and her son
• Judge Andrew Napolitano , FNC senior judicial analyst

Did Saddam Hussein survive weeks of coalition bombing or is he dead?
Con Coughlin, author of Saddam: King of Terror

Colin Powell says Syria needs to understand that there's a "new environment in the region" now that Saddam is out of power, but what if Syria doesn't change its tune?
James Phillips, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation

The U.S. war plan in Iraq has been hailed as one of the greatest ever devised, but has enough credit been given to the man behind the plan — Gen. Tommy Franks?
• Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInterney

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