Below the Fold for April 13

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Blix Speaks Out

Hans Blix, the U.N. chief weapons inspector has accused the United States and Britain of fabricating evidence against Iraq to justify the war.

Blix told the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais, he took umbrage with the fact that the war had been planned in advance of the war, adding: "The threat of banned weapons could have been contained by U.N. inspectors."

A seemingly different Blix the same day told the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet: "Maybe I could have gotten tougher with the Iraqis... back in December." He also revealed that when negotiations with Iraqis broke down, "We drank coffee together in New York."

Landlord Floored

A junior level Iraqi diplomat in New York trashed his apartment before leaving the country. The tab: $8,500.

The landlord wants the city to pay the bill, since the Iraqi government no longer exists.

"Hanoi Jane's" Two Cents

Actress Jane Fonda told a Canadian audience Tuesday that, "it's hard to imagine a happy ending to the U.S.-led war in Iraq," opining that Americans "are so ignorant of reality and of history."

You are welcome to supply your own punch line. 

Frequent Fibber?

Democratic Presidential hopeful Al Sharpton skipped a minority press forum Friday in Washington. A staffer called the group, saying Sharpton would be late because his U.S. Air shuttle flight had been canceled; then called again to say Sharpton would miss the confab entirely because a second flight had failed to leave the tarmac.

Only one problem: Neither flight was canceled.