Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Bernie Mac

Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Bernie Mac are in The Foxlight.

Ah-nold may be ready for Terminator 3 this summer, but was he wearing a girdle? The latest In Touch magazine shows him relaxing his midsection on a St. Barts beach and, well, he's been pumping something besides iron. Sorry, Arnold. In Touch says he could stand to terminate the Speedo. And get a load of Maria Shriver's thighs — she could use a little terminator on those.

Speaking of showing a little skin, John Travolta lost most of his General's Daughter bulk for the new Basic, prompting The Foxlight to ask this:

McCuddy: "What's the nudest you've been? Perfect, maybe?"

Travolta: "No."

McCuddy: "What was the thing with Lily Tomlin?"

Travolta: "No, not even that."

McCuddy: "Was there a sex scene in that?"

Travolta: "No I think the nudest — I was in my underwear in Saturday Night Fever. In Staying Alive I wore a little tiny thing. I don't know what the nudest I've ever been was. This is close to it. We could have a record here."

But it's no record at the box office, though.

Finally, Bernie Mac is on top of the world these days — with a hit show and a pretty decent movie. But he pointed out that he and I share some pretty lousy initials with our names.

Bernie Mac: "B-M."

McCuddy: "That stinks — literally."

Bernie Mac: "Well you know."

McCuddy: "Our whole life."

Bernie Mac: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got hit in the gut with all that stuff too, right? 'Bowel Movement' and all that bull, right."

McCuddy: "And that was the teachers."

Bernie Mac: "I know! What was your teacher's name?"