Friday, April 11

You can count on FOX News Channel's international team of reporters to be where the action is. We've put together the best of the day's reports — all in one place — so you can easily stay on top of the latest developments in the Gulf.

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Correspondent: Chris Kline
Location: Mosul, Iraq

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
The Northern Iraqi city of Mosul is being secured by allied Special Forces and Kurdish military
Correspondent: Rick Leventhal
Location: Embedded with 23rd Marines

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Did Saddam's regime use trucks to transport weapons of mass destruction throughout Iraq?
Correspondent: Oliver North
Location: Embedded with 1st Marine Expedition Force

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Iraqis in Baghdad want to help Marines hunt down "foreigners" who are there to wage war against coalition forces
Correspondent: Steve Harrigan
Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
A convoy of journalists receives very mixed greetings from the citizens of Baghdad, including some hostile fire
Correspondent: Geraldo Rivera
Location: Embedded with the 101st Airborne

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Geraldo Rivera shows us an abandoned weapons depot in Iraq
Correspondent: Jonathan Hunt
Location: Kuwait City

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Saddam Hussein's luxury yacht is found adrift; having been peppered with coalition bombs
Correspondent: Heather Nauert
Location: Amman, Jordan

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Signs of a fallen regime in Baghdad as looting continues in the capital
Correspondent: Amy Kellogg
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Russia, France and Germany meet in Moscow to discuss their roles in reconstruction process in Iraq
Correspondent: Adam Housley
Location: Kuwait City

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
Coalition forces find a stash of Iraqi surface-to-surface missiles
Correspondent: David Lee Miller
Location: CENTCOM HQ, Qatar

Latest Report: Video: 4/11
U.S. Central Command produces a 55-card deck of playing cards featuring members of the Iraqi leadership