Remember Our Friends, Remember Our Enemies

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After going on radio silence for the first three weeks of Operation Iraqi Freedom, My Word is back — at least for now.

The issue here is friends... and whether waging war for the good cause of liberation earns us friends or enemies.

You've seen the reaction from the Arab street — disappointment that the Iraqis didn't put up more of a fight against the Americans.

Arab dignity and honor was at stake, evidently, even though most Arabs themselves thought Saddam Hussein was evil and had to go.

In other words, "We hate Saddam, but we root for him if he's fighting the Americans. Therefore, we hate the Americans more than dictators who kill and torture their people, and have who also have similar plans for their neighbors."

And we're starting to get it. In a FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, Americans were asked to name our country's worse enemies. They were North Korea, Iraq and France! (Not China, not Russia, but France.)

So we've got a good idea who our enemy is, and we also know who our friends are.

It was, after all, an Iraqi lawyer — can you imagine a worse combination of stereotypes? —  who saw Private First Class Jessica Lynch being mistreated by her captors in a hospital.

He walked through the desert six miles just to tell U.S. troops. They sent him back three times, and he returned with maps to help the Americans find Jessica. They found her and they rescued her.

Mohammad the lawyer, and his wife — a nurse at the hospital — then walked off into the desert, to their home... to God-knows-what awaits them out there in what we hope is the transitory chaos of Iraq.

The world is a very strange place indeed when we can't count on anybody in the French public, and we have good inidcations that there are more than a few Iraqis who we can count on.

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