Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson and Jane Krakowski

Elvis' little girl, Michael Jackson and Jane Krakowski in the sultry and smokin' glow of The Foxlight.

Lisa Marie Presley has "balls," and she says she inherited them from her father. It was just one of several revelations from the king's daughter on David Letterman's Late Show this week. The notoriously shy Lisa Marie even charmed Dave by telling him he's better looking in person. But her eyes rolled on questions about ex-husband Michael Jackson. Asked if he was just as weird then as now, she reminded Dave that she did leave his building.

Speaking of his "weirdness," Jackson has called off plans for an appearance in Austria next weekend. He was scheduled to give a concert and introduce another children's charity project at a ski resort there. The organizer of the event says Jackson is backing out because of security risks related to world political events. Uh huh. And were all the tickets sold? Or were there still an embarrassing number available?

Finally, if you thought Jane Krakowski was hot on Ally McBeal, wait till the scorching reviews come out for her Broadway turn in Nine. No matter what critics say about the rest of the production, they have to admit her show-stopping dance number in the first act is the sexiest thing Broadway has ever seen. She literally drops out of the ceiling, slinks around Antonio Banderas and floats back upside down to the rafters.