Iran Reports 100,000 Iraqi Refugees at Iranian Border

International aid is needed quickly for about 100,000 Iraqi refugees who have rushed to the Iranian border in the past two days, Iran's official news agency reported Thursday.

The refugees, near the border town of Mehran, are being given aid on the Iraqi side, Interior Ministry official Farhad Barikani said.

"Due to the high number of Iraqi refugees, there is a need for more food and medicine. And Iran cannot cope with meeting all the requirements single-handedly," he said, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

A government official in western Iran said that 91 Iraqi families had arrived at the border in "deplorable conditions" and were given food and medicine, the news agency reported.

The official called on the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to rush help.

Iran has set up 10 camps on its long border with Iraq to accommodate 400,000 refugees. It has said it will accept a maximum of 200,000 Iraqi refugees on its soil only if their lives were in danger.