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Youths stripped tires off trucks at a military base, a pickup truck spun away with an air conditioner in the back. In a free-for-all Wednesday, Iraqis in Baghdad pillaged facilities of the government that ruled them for decades, making away with refrigerators, mattresses, telephones, even doors.

With the regime's feared security forces nowhere to be seen, Iraqis also dared cheer U.S. troops and attack the symbols of Saddam Hussein' rule, acts that would have been unthinkable only days or weeks before.

In a main square of the capital, a crowd of Iraqis and U.S. Marines pulled down a 40-foot statue of Saddam, breaking it in half on the way down. Hundreds of people swarmed over the hollow metal torso, tearing it to pieces and dragging the head down the street. Before bringing it down, the Marines briefly covered the statue's face with an American flag, then replaced it with the red-black-and-white Iraqi flag.

In images showed live across the Arab world, Iraqis danced in the streets, waving rifles, palm fronds and flags, and defaced posters of the longtime Iraqi president.

We'll have the latest on the situation in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq when FOX News Military Analyst and retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely sits down with Sean and Alan this evening.

What's next for coalition forces in Iraq? Are there any cities that still need to be secured? What will a post-war Iraq look like?

Joining the debate:

Former U.S. National Security Advisor Robert McFarland 

Michael Reagan, radio talk show host 

Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston  on a possible law to punish Germany and France for their actions in the months leading up to the war with Iraq.

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