Topics and Guests for April 8

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Topics and Guests for April 8:

9 a.m. ET

Who should run a post-war Iraq?
Sec. Lawrence Eagleburger, former secretary of state

U.S. forces may have found banned chemical weapons stored in huge drums at a military training camp in central Iraq. Pentagon sources told Fox News a prisoner of war gave U.S. forces information directing them to a specific site outside Karbala, near a camp described as a military facility, and that preliminary field tests on substances found at the site suggest they contain several banned chemical weapons, including deadly nerve agents and blister agents.
Dr. Gazi George, former Iraq scientist for the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission

10 a.m. ET

The latest from our troops who are in and around Baghdad…
Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

Were deadly nerve agents uncovered in Iraq?
Marc Siegel M.D., bio-terrorism and chemical warfare expert

The Arab’s media lies and perceptions…
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg,   former ambassador to Morocco
Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom Mcinerney, USAF

11 a.m. ET

Will German and French products be banned?
Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga.

12 p.m. ET

Who should be in charge of post-war Iraq?
Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H.

The latest from our troops who are in and around Baghdad…
Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Burton Moore, U.S. Air Force

1 p.m. ET

Developments in Iraq...
Retired Army Maj. Gen. Don Edwards, U.S. Army

2 p.m. ET

The latest developments in Iraq…
Retired Lt. Gen. Tom Mcinerney, U.S. Air Force

Did our psychological campaign work against the Iraqis?
Harlan Ullman, FOX military analyst
Retired Major Jon Glassford, U.S. Army

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change