Tina's Ready to Chat

After being so rudely interrupted by the start of the war in Iraq, Tina Brown has a new debut date for her CNBC show.

Topic A with Tina Brown was originally supposed to debut March 19, but was yanked for news coverage when the war began. It's now scheduled to premiere on April 30.

"We had a little bit of friendly fire in the beginning," Brown joked yesterday. "It was a detail in the big scheme of things. While we were sorry that the show was postponed, we're also completely behind postponing it and thought that it was, of course, the right thing to do."

To get ready for the show, Brown told The New York Post she's been undergoing some coaching from her producer, Kathy O'Hearn and the TV pros at CNBC.

"I feel I'm getting very good sort of professional help," she said.

The show, which for now is slated to air four times a year, will be topical, Brown promises. It's so topical that she declined to say who her guests will be or what the show will be about.

"One of the things about the show will be that the topic will be in the air as we approach it," she said. "So it's hard to know what, in three weeks time, will feel the most sort of pressing things to be discussed."

And when might the former editor of The New Yorker and Talk be getting back into the magazine business?

"Let's just take it one thing at a time. Give me a little time to try and figure out TV first," she says.